The Asperger’s Syndrome Institute

Some of Dr. Ortiz’s titles are now available for purchase

John Ortiz Asperger's Syndrome InstituteUntil his death on April 11th, 2012 following a long illness, John M. Ortiz, Ph.D. was the director and founder of The Asperger’s Syndrome Institute.® A licensed psychologist, consultant, musician, composer, certified clinical hypnotist and psycho-educational trainer, he was listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.

His international lectures and texts on Asperger’s Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, High-Functioning Autism, and Neurodevelopmental disorders were based on over twenty years of work with autism spectrum and related conditions and over a dozen years specializing in Asperger’s Syndrome, neurodevelopmental, and genetic disorders.

A psychologist with extensive clinical, research and consultation experience, his lectures brought a multi-disciplinary, integral approach to understanding and serving these challenging, highly rewarding populations.

Also the founder of the Institute of Applied Psychomusicology®, his work also incorporated elements from the creative arts in general, and his books, The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology (1998 Small Press Book Award in Self Help/Psychology), and Nurturing Your Child with Music: How Sound Awareness Creates Happy, Smart and Confident Children (2000) in particular.

A brilliant author, lecturer and composer, the legacy of his many books and audio recordings document his life’s work and passionate advocacy for Sound Psychology and for those living with Autism and Asperger’s. Read more about Dr. Ortiz and his accomplishments.

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