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Dr. John Ortiz Founder, Asperger Syndrome Institute

John Ortiz

The late John M. Ortiz, Ph.D., (January 31, 1952 to April 11th, 2012) was the director and founder of the Asperger’s Syndrome Institute and the Institute of Applied Psychomusicology. A licensed psychologist, musician, composer, certified clinical hypnotist and international speaker and consultant he conducted over 1,000 programs internationally on topics relating to Sound Psychology and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Ortiz’s work serving children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders originated in the late 70’s, at which time he was instrumental in helping to secure a grant for the South Florida State Hospital that facilitated the appropriation of a facility to house adolescents apart from the general, adult population. A dedicated practitioner and consummate professional Dr. Ortiz specialized in serving families, children and adolescents beginning in 1974.

Deeply invested in current research and promoting education he served on the senior faculty at Cambridge College’s National Institute of Teaching Excellence (1996-2004) and the editorial Dr. John M. Ortizboard of the American Counseling Association’s Journal of Counseling and Development between 1995-1998. He was an active member of various professional organizations including the American Psychological and American Music Therapy Associations.

More recently, since 1992, he specialized in serving children, teens, and adults presenting with Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, and related conditions. His eclectic and far reaching work with these populations involved direct clinical service, assessment and evaluation, multi-disciplinary team coordination and instruction, research, professional training and lecturing, mentoring and supervision, and consultation with schools, universities, medical and psychotherapeutic facilities, mental health agencies, parents and caregivers, and others who serve these immensely gratifying, fascinating persons.

Most recent research interests included:

  • The application of eye-tracking convergence to understanding and meeting the educational and social challenges of persons with autism spectrum (ASD) and non-verbal (visual-spatial) learning (NLD) disorders.
  • The application of chaos theory to understanding and meeting the educational and social challenges of persons with ASD and NLD.
  • The implementation and application of mindfulness practices in working with ASD and NLD populations
  • Transpersonal strategic frameworks as integral in serving the challenges of ASD and NLD populations
  • The use of humor, and the creative arts, as social and relationship bridges and blueprints to working with ASD and NLD

A prolific author and composer, Dr. Ortiz’ products include:


Audio CDs:

Psycho-social interactive training game:
Exploring the Asperger DimensionTM