My Kitty Catsberger – Book and Audio CD

My Kitty Catsberger

My Kitty Catsberger – Book

John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Ever wonder which pets are the Aspies of the animal kingdom? Why, the cool ones of course!

My Kitty Catsberger is a colorful, rhyming, illustrated story that depicts how cats, much like Aspies, are cool, sensory enhanced, ultra-focused, sharp as tacks, highly specialized, self-motivated, and creatively playful beings who march to the tune of “I’ll Do it My Way!”

My Kitty Catsberger is designed to teach children (of ALL ages) how “being an Aspie” is, indeed, a “cool-as-cats” opportunity in our world of Neuro-Diversity. Richly illustrated and vividly brought to life by Disney artist Don McGrath the book offers a creative insight into the wonderful similarities between the delightful quirks and eccentricities that are often shared by felines.

Book Price:  17.50 (Shipping Included)


My Kitty Catsberger

Audio Version!

John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

The music tracks on “Bedtime for Kitty Catsberger” feature Pulse Entrainment Sound effects. “Tickle Belly Music Suite” features combinations of sounds played on both synthesizers and natural instruments.

Track One: Original, unabridged text read by the author (Dr. J. M. Ortiz)

Track Two: “Mi Gatico Catsberger” – “My Kitty Catsberger” story translated and read into Spanish by the author (Dr. J. M. Ortiz)

Track Three: “Bedtime for Kitty Catsberger” (a “sleepy time” story for children of all ages). (23 minutes)

Track Four: “Tickle Belly Music Suite” dreamy, music box melodies for contemplation. (23 minutes)

Audio CD Price: 17.50 (Shipping Included)