The Aspie Bunny & The Rainbow Bridge – Audio Version

The Aspie Bunny & The Rainbow Bridge

AUDIO version!!! – $15

Prologue; A Billion, Zillion Colors; The Peacock Zoo; Two Shadows in the Night; The Penguin, the zebra and the bear; A.B. Takes Charge; The Rainbow Bridge

The cast:

  • The Aspie Bunny: Dr.O (the author)
  • Narrator, zebra and aardvark: Michael Moore
  • The three merchants, penguin: Dylan Moore
  • Panda bear, hyena, elf, little girl: Angelique Ortiz

This audio version consists of two unabridged versions of the original, illustrated book: “The Aspie Bunny and The Rainbow Bridge”. The book is here narrated and performed by the author and a full ensemble of “Aspie friends”.

In full appreciation of the very diverse “sensory spectrum” preferences that characterize many of us the book is offered here in two versions.

  • Track (version) one consists of the entire book being performed in its entirety without any embellishments.
  • Track (version) two consists of the same book read and accompanied by some minor sound effects and music.


  • Prologue; A Billion, Zillion Colors
  • The Peacock Zoo
  • Two Shadows in the Night
  • The Penguin, the zebra and the bear
  • A.B. Takes Charge
  • The Rainbow Bridge

Audio CD Price: 17.50 (Shipping Included)