The Aspie Bunny and the Rainbow Bridge – Illustrated Book

The Aspie Bunny & The Rainbow Bridge

Illustrated Book – $20

John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.


Spring is just around the corner but, where is the sun? The colors of the rainbow have been stolen and, without a rainbow, the sun has no way of making it north in time for Spring! If this happens, winter will last forever!

There is only one creature on earth skilled enough to rescue the colors of the rainbow and make sure that Spring arrives on time and the earth is filled with color, warmth, and sunshine once again. That creature is: The Aspie Bunny!

Designed to be a “wordplay reader’s delight” the Aspie Bunny will amaze and amuse readers from middle school and above with a dazzling array of word-play, rhymes, tongue twisters, vocabulary challenges, plot twists, colorful imagery, malapropisms, ambiguities, oxymorons, pleonasms, as myriad “verbal mind twisters” add layers of humorous dimensions to this adventurous “who-done-it?!

Illustrated Book Price: 22.50 (Shipping Included)