Nurturing Your Child With Music

Nurturing Your Child With Music:
How Sound Awareness Creates Happy, Smart and Confident Children

– By John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.Retail Price: $14.95
Softcover: 6” x 9” – 224 pages
ISBN: 1-58270-021-4
Publisher: Beyond Words, Inc.

Published December, 1999

This wonderful book will help parents learn how to use music and sound to enrich their children’s lives. The book’s goal is to raise Sound Awareness and to assist parents in creating family harmony and strengthening lifelong bonds. Nurturing Your Child With Music offers sound ideas to assist young children in getting to sleep, relaxation, stimulation, enhancing creativity and coordination, and developing musical interest. It also introduces many musical games and activities to bring families together.


Chapter One:
– In the Beginning: Music for the Pre-natal Experience
– Pre-Natal Communication Music For Moms / Music From Moms

Chapter Two:
– Music & Language Acquisition
– Language, Speech & Music: An Overview
– Pre-Verbal to Verbal Language Development
– A-e-i-o-u: The ABC’s of Musical Education

Chapter Three:
– Listening: The Key to Harmony in the Home
– Listening & Communication Tuning in to Learning Styles

Chapter Four:
– Sound Relaxation: Using Music & Sound to Calm Your Children
– Music as a Sound Solution Musical Entrainment

Chapter Five:
– Sound Stimulation
– Using Music & Sound to Jump-Start Your Children

Chapter Six:
– Sleepy Time: From Rock-a-Bye Baby to Digitized Waterfall Sounds

Chapter Seven:
– Self Esteem & Confidence
– Sounding Confident & Becoming Confidently Sound

Chapter Eight:
– Exploring Our Roots & Rhythms
– Grandpa’s Tales & Grandma’s Feather Bed

Chapter Nine:
– Friends Make Wonderful Dance Partners
– Musical Games & Group Activities Musical Games

Chapter Ten:
– Musical Environments
– Creating Nurturing Sound Environments in the Home
– On the Road Again: Music for Families on the Move
– Music & Holidays: Using Music to Get in Tune

Chapter Eleven:
– With a Little Help From My Kids: It’s Chore Time!
– Teaching Household Skills & Responsibilities Through Music

Chapter Twelve:
– Taking Care of Yourself: The Ultimate Investment


The following list includes the “labeled” exercises that appear throughout Nurturing Your Child With MusicHundreds of additional exercises appear as examples, or within the text itself.

Follow the Leader
Using Sound Descriptions
If You Can Say It You Can Sing It
Providing Musical Instruments
Sounding the Alphabet High! …and Low!
Sound Textures
Raising Musical Awareness
The Alphabet-Song: Alternative Style
The Listening Report
The Good and the Bad
Listening the “Write” Way
Commercial Music
The Write Stuff
Three Deaf Mice
Empathic Listening
Interpreting Messages
Increasing Vocabulary
Hearing the Big Picture
Bridging Generation Gaps
Musical Puffins
“Stop! Goes the Weasel!”
Tune It Out!
Drumming Tension Away
Laughing It Out
It’s a Family Affair
From Rubber Duckie to Snoop Dogg
Walking in Rhythm
Active Goofing
Music Video Parodies
We’re All Here Together
Thank You for Being a friend
Yard Music
Branching Out
Educate Me
From “Cats” to “The Lion King”
Video Sensations
Let-Go Your Ego
Virtual Virtuosos
Keep On Dancing
Making a Personalized Sleepy-Time Tape
Reading With a Soundtrack
Sleepy-Time Exercises
Wake Up…It’s Time for School!
Self Esteem Enhancement: Designer Ditties
Interviewing Our Past
Family Audio-Graph: Making Musical Time Capsules
A Day in the Life Audio-Graph: Having a Sound Day
The Sound Collage
Stormy Night In
A Musical Gift
What’s That Song?
T.V. Show-Theme Charades
These Songs are Me!
Can’t Judge a Group by Looking at the Cover!
Noise Party!
Musical Trivia Games: Creating Road Scholars
Name That Tune!
Listen and Read
Learn That Note
Expanding Vocabularies
Foreign Languages
Cultivating the Classics
Name That Instrument
What’s She Singing About?
Home Cooked Music
Creating Family Harmony
Dance a ’Toon
And the Cow Goes…
Rhythm Ride
Making the Rounds
Moving Compositions
A Laugh a Note
The Listening List
One-Quarter Rest
Creating Personal Musical Messages
Safety Dances
It’s Clean Up Time!


Early Childhood Connections: Winter 2001

Nurturing Your Child with Music is a hands-on, practical guide for parents of children from the prenatal months through age 12.  With a bow to the Suzuki method of music education, Dr. Ortiz explains that his book is designed with a less-structured approach to music awareness and is organized into chapters according to activity and stage of development.  Rather than an academic discussion of the function of music in learning, this is a handbook of practical ideas with short explanations of their usefulness.  While written with parents in mind, it would be just as valuable to preschool and elementary teachers, daycare and after-school care teachers, music therapists, and anyone else who works with children.”

“In addition to the expected sections on movement activities and bedtime music, there are also chapters on using music to explore self-esteem, family history, holiday celebrations, doing chores, and calming and relaxing oneself.  Each chapter contains activity themes and exercises to do with that theme, with ‘Music Menus’ included with each activity.  Each exercise delineates its purpose, needed materials, appropriate ages, and steps to accomplishing the activity–a layout that makes it easy for teachers or caregivers to include music activities in the day’s planning.  Activity plans also include optional variations and other suggestions that allow parents or teachers to consider and make their own applications.”

“Ortiz also includes ‘Sound Suggestions,’ which are comments on the use of sound (not necessarily music) in a child’s environment. Many parents and teachers may find the most valuable feature of the book to be the Music Menus.  Ortiz has organized 31 lists of music suggestions–from classical to pop to contemporary children’s entertainers. The menus accompany each activity chapter and range from ‘Music for Learning Math,’ and ‘Music about Historical Characters’ to ‘Travel Tunes’ and ‘Bubble-Bath Tunes.”

“As an example of the structure of the book, in the chapter ‘Music and Language Acquisition’ Ortiz describes the stages of language development from birth and includes the level of sound awareness found at each stage.  He then lists Sound Suggestions and exercises for developing speech and language, as well as musical awareness.  This chapter includes Music Menus for alphabet and phonics, for developing speech and language, nursery rhymes, learning foreign languages, and sing-alongs.”

“Additional Music Menus are found in an appendix and include a glossary of popular music styles, a list of pop artists by decade from the 50s to the 90s (with a warning to parents to screen the tunes for appropriate lyrics), 50 selected children’s music titles with a brief review of each, and the ‘Top 100 super-great all-time car sing-along oldies’ menu. An appendix of general resources includes a bibliography, a list of family-oriented and music-related websites, a listing of music-related associations and resource centers, and a listing of some music and psychology-related journals.”

Nurturing Your Child with Music deserves a place on the bookshelf of every parent, teacher, music therapist or caregiver who wants to include music in the daily life of a child.  However, I suspect it would not spend much time on the shelf.”

Media Monitors: The Examiner –
November 15, 2000 

“Parents and their children are works of art, who are constantly in the process of becoming,” says Ortiz, “We all make mistakes…just play on!”

The Irish Times: November 10, 2000

Nurturing Your Child with Music is an inspiring book and essential for every parent’s bookshelf.”

The NAPRA Review: Sept/Oct 2000

“My favorite suggestion was the idea that every time we call out our children’s names, we say them consciously, reminding ourselves that these are precious lives we’ve helped bring into the world.  Many, many age appropriate sound and musical activities for families, with lists of music of all types and for all occasions, are contained in this creative offering by a clinical psychologist and musicologist.  We’re looking forward to the companion CD!”(Author’s note: Two new accompanying CDs: “It’s Sleepy Time! and Turning Daydreams into Dreams: A Bedtime Storyare now available!  Please visit: Products)

Leister Express: Stage Left:  October 2000

“Filled with easy-to-do exercises and fun activities to bring music and sound into parenting and family life the ‘musical menus’ suggest choices from classic and popular children’s titles.  Covering the pre-natal to pre-teen stages, the menus contain music for topics such as: developing speech and language; physical fitness and active motivation; learning foreign languages; developing sound self-esteem and learning math.  The calming effect of music on children going through difficulties is outlined.

There’s also a section designed to look after parents’ needs, pointing out that as they work to compose family harmony, they must also fine-tune themselves.  Siblings, grandparents and friends are all involved in the author’s quest to help us tune into healthy and positive vibrations so that we can enjoy more fulfilling, happy, smart and confident lives.

As well as being an interesting read, this is a workbook that will keep the entire family busy.  When you’ve finished doing all the exercises — and there a lot! — you can read all the books the author recommends.  Check out the family oriented web sites he suggests, and do a chart on a musical day in the life of your children. Phew!”

Astir: October 2000 

“In Nurturing Your Child with Music John Ortiz effectively introduces ways through which the power of music will nurture children by raising their sound awareness. Easy-to-do exercises and activities bring sound and music into parenting and family life. Selected ‘Musical Menus’ of both popular and classic children’s tunes and family favorites help children develop a range of skills and develop self-esteem, relax, communicate and listen, or simply enjoy themselves.”

The Midwest Book Review:  July 2000 

Nurturing Your Child with Music is recommended for any parent who wants a starting point for musical education.”

Ukiah Daily Journal: February 24, 2000 

“I am intrigued by this easy to read, self-help book, since I intuitively felt the need to have music time while I was pregnant.  Here is a book loaded with ideas for using music for stimulation, relaxation, learning rhythm, building self-confidence and esteem. This book should be given to every new expectant couple.”

Spirituality & Health: January 2000

“Dr. John Ortiz’s life has been steeped in music. His mother used to sing him to sleep and his earliest memories are of her melodious voice. By fourteen, he had written his first song. Ortiz’s Ph.D. was on music’s ability to draw people closer together. His wonderfully practical book The Tao of Music is brimming over with ideas on how adults can enrich their lives with this art.”

“Dr. Ortiz has created another user-friendly guidebook for parents that hits all the right notes! Here are exercises and recommendations for using music in the home for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school-age children. The author is an entertaining master-of -ceremonies as he presents a smorgasbord of tunes that will help kids develop their academic skills, raise their self-esteem, enjoy exercise, get to sleep, and improve communication and listening skills. I was glad to see a section on music for prenatal experiences. On 31 ‘Music Menus,’ Dr. Ortiz puts on display his impressive knowledge of selections with hundreds of recommended titles. I also enjoyed the ‘Sound Bytes’ that appear throughout the book such as ‘A tune a day many not keep the doctor away, but it may help to cut down on medical visits.’ Since music of any type is a vehicle that activates soul, Nurturing Your Child is a spiritual resource that will enhance the inner life of any family.” – Frederic Brussat, Spirituality & Health

ForeWord Magazine – Parenting Section: February 2000

From low self-esteem to tubby kids who play too many video games, music can get children back on track. Or, if started early enough, music can prevent many of these problems all together. With various ‘menus,’ Ortiz explains how injecting song into a child’s life will make bedtime easier, teach children to be better listeners, calm down hyperactive children and give children a taste of history.”

“The Menus consist of collections that can be made by taping parts of the various compilations Ortiz mentions. For instance, to teach a child to be more aware of sounds in general, he lists albums for toddlers and preschoolers that range from ‘Bump in the Night’ by Jim Comings to ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The list of recommendations to help preschoolers and school-age children be more aware of sound is just as thorough and includes old-time fairy tales such as ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ to modern-day recordings including ‘The Lion King’ and a ‘Rugrats’ record.”

“Bedtime examples range from a simple metronome if a child is restless or has ‘too many thoughts’ to thirty-minute tapes of ‘soothing’ music (including Bob Carlisle’s ‘Butterfly Kisses’ and ‘Barney’s Sleepytime Songs’) for toddlers who are beyond the point where rocking in a parent’s lap puts them out for the night. Older children will like having control over what to listen to and may fall asleep to a favorite radio show. Ortiz lists the amount of sleep children of different ages should get and addresses the importance of bedtime routines and time to ‘wind down,’ as well as reading before bed.”

“The chapters are designed to stand on their own so if a child won’t do his chores, skip right to chapter eleven, ‘With a Little Help from My Kids,’ for music to inspire tooth-brushing and putting toys away (use made-up lyrics or use the ones provided) and motivate the child to help around the house.”

“Don’t despair about listening to another ‘Chipmunk’s’ volume, Ortiz emphasizes that the menus are just suggestions. If parents like a particular type of music, they should go ahead and play it for the children, too. Different types of music suit different needs, so if karaeoke to Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Margaritaville’ gets a child off the couch, then play it.” – Jodee Taylor, February 2000, ForeWord Magazine

“Music to My Ears” and Mind: February 2000

“John Ortiz likes to play the drums. A by-product of his Cuban origin, drums were much a part of his culture. This initial interest in music led to playing the guitar, saxophone, keyboards and bass guitar. But more importantly it was the seed to growing an avid interest in the connection with music and the influence it had on children.”

“While playing pop music at nigth-clubs during the ’60’s, Ortiz noticed that if he played mellow or rowdy music, the songs elicited the same results from the crowd — the vibrations of the music reflected a person’s internal state. For example, your students who listen to Metallica or Marilyn Manson may be more high strung than those who mellow out to jazz.”

“He used the premise that all kids have an interest in music at one level or another while employed as a therapist in his first job at the Florida State Hospital’s Adolescent Unit. Ortiz believed that recognizing their interest in music could help establish relationships with adolescent patients. In fact, even ‘self esteem can be a product of the tone of voice or volume of speech in what you say to young people,’ explained Ortiz. His book, Nurturing Your Child with Music: How Sound Awareness Creates Happy, Smart and Confident Children, was recently published by Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro, Oregon, this past January 2000. Based on more than twenty years of research, clinical work and consultations, the book is written in a fun, practical style for parents, caregivers, teachers and counselors interested in fresh, creative ideas and techniques to help nurture and educate children up to age twelve. The book explores how one can use particular types of music to motivate, to lift depression, to facilitate time management — even to alleviate procrastination!”

“According to his research, ‘pulse rate, heart rate and breathing slow down with musical influences,’ said Ortiz. ‘When you read how Mozart makes you smart, it is somewhat misleading,’ he shared. Each body has its own way to synch to the music. To improve learning, Ortiz recommends background music from the baroque period (1600-1750) from Bach, Corelli, Vivaldi, Telemann (composer dating actually from before the time of Mozart). These largo movements from string concertos are very structured, slow, soothing marches which ‘work’ for most western cultures that have strong American and European influences. However, he makes clear, this is not the solution for us all. For example, Indian and Chinese cultures, which have different cultural rhythms from Western cultures, in essence ‘march to the tune of different drummers’.”

“His first book, The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology, is available in English, Portuguese and German and has generated cross cultural, worldwide acclaim from places as far as Korea, England, Russia, Australia and Japan.”
– Penn State University College of Education, Connections, February 2000

“In this creative, exciting book, Psychologist, Musician, and Composer John M. Ortiz blends music, sound, and psychology presenting a variety of opportunities for parents to bond with their children and introduce them to the life-long joys of music.” – William Glasser, M.D., bestselling author of Reality Therapy,The Quality School, and Choice Theory, January 1999

“Clearly written and meticulously organized, Nurturing Your Child with Music provides parents with a wealth of creative ideas for developing family harmony.” – Dr. Donna Grace, Professor of Education, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, University of Hawaii, January 2000

“Through Nurturing Your Child with Music Dr. Ortiz provides parents, teachers and clinicians alike with a practical, time efficient parenting guide that offers a wealth of creative techniques and timely ideas for promoting family harmony.” – Dr. Rosalind A. Hoffman, Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Director of Konrad Associates Psychological Services, Harrisburg, PA, January 2000

The following endorsements were taken’s and Barnes & Noble’s “Customer Reviews” sections.  Complete reviews are cited.

Brain Gym Soundtrack 

“This book is an excellent resources for both parents and educators who deal with both mainstream and challenged populations. For those of us interested in gaining from the benefits of the latest brain research, or ‘brain-compatible strategies,’ without having to sort through the theoretical concepts or scientific research that often make these books cumbersome this book is the answer.  The author – a clinical psychologist with actual experience in these matters – shares with us his years of research and professional experience in a very handy, ready to use volume that provides hundreds of fun, useful, hands – on exercises.  Each chapter also thoughtfully provides dozens of musical suggestions based on songs that our kids actually listen to and recognize.  the amount of research that must have gone into this book boggles the mind.  This is an offering from someone who not only KNOWS children, but also loves and cherishes them.  If you are fortunate enough to attend one of Dr. Ortiz’ workshops on this topic you will be further enriched and enchanted by his charm, knowledge and humor.”
– Mindy.  Mother of two, educator. August 2000

Five Stars –

The “Family Effect” 

“If you are a parent, educator, caregiver, therapist, or anyone who is involved with children from firth through twelve this book is an indispensable gift — both for yourself and your child.  This is a ‘self-& others’ help book with all the merits of a true classic.  The stories used to illustrate true life examples are as compelling and joyful reading as any of the best from the ‘Chicken Soup’ series.  These stories, however, come packaged together with exercises and tons of suggested popular songs for just about any situation a caregiver can imagine.  There are musical alternatives here for helping children dealing with low self-esteem, sadness, anger, hyperactivity, tantrums, poor social skills and the lot. There are also excellent, EXCELLENT ideas (LOTS of them!) for strengthening family ties and creating lifelong bonds among family members.  This book is a joyful surprise.” – Claire Elliot, Therapist and mother of three, August 2000

Five Stars  – Barnes & Noble 

Highly Recommended

“As both an educator serving hundreds of children over the past 12 years, and a mother of three, I have found this sensational, practical book a wonderful resource. Parents, teachers and caregivers will find in this well organized, clearly written book a wealth of information for situations that all of us who nurture children encounter throughout our daily interactions.  A true, sensitive delight filled with hundreds of user-friendly exercises, fresh ideas and insights into how the world sounds to children today.” – Helen Shaw, Secondary school teacher, South Carolina, July 2000

Five Stars –

A “must” for parents seeking musical appreciation for kids

Sound awareness can foster happy, confident children: this provides a guide for parents who want to create nurturing sound environments for kids.  From listening to harmony in the home and choosing different types of music to choosing CDs for parties, car trips and other atmospheres Nurturing Your Child With Music is recommended for any parent who wants a starting point for musical education.” – Midwest Book Review, July 2000

Five Stars –

We give it an “A!  

“Six weeks ago today my best friend in the world gave me a copy of this book as a birthday gift. Since then, it has become known as ‘that book’ — such as ‘where is that book?’ — around our home. A month ago our family drove down to Disney World and “that book” provided solid entertainment for the entire family. We laughed, we sang, we had a ball. ‘That book’ made it easy. A couple of weeks ago my ten year old daughter had a birthday party, games and music played all compliments of ‘that book.’ Last week, my fourteen year old son wrote a paper for school titled: ‘Musical Ideas for Improving Family Relations.’ His main resource were ‘that book’ and a number of the family-friendly internet sites recommended in the appendix. He got an ‘A.’ So does ‘this book!’ ” – Mary, May 2000

Five Stars – Barnes and Noble

What a joy to read!

“I purchased this book for my daughter, Tracey, and my granddaughters, Ali Jordyn, 2 & 1/2),, and Kacey Claire (1).  Tracey has always incorporated music in her life and now her daughters.  I found the book innovative and enjoyable. Dr. Ortiz writes in layperson’s language, thereby giving the reader more understanding of content and the knowledge to follow through. AJ and KR REALLY LOVE MUSIC and thanks to Dr. Ortiz’s book Tracey has expanded their music therapy. Dr. Ortiz should consider writing children’s stories.” – Donna C. Richards, Mental Health Industry, Mary 2000

Five Stars – Barnes and Noble

Love kids? Youll LOVE this book!

“I am a mother of three children, two boys and one girl, ages three, six and eleven. As an avid reader and consumer of parenting books and magazines I just want to say that this is the most wonderful, family oriented book I’ve run across since our firstborn. Having just found out that we are expecting our fourth child (!!!) we will be able to use this book from cover to cover (it covers children ages pre-birth through 12) to help each of our children to learn to appreciate music and develop their potential from very fresh perspectives.”

“This book is a priceless resource for parents looking for fresh, new ways to educate and entertain their children. This is a very well organized, easy to read book that has hundreds of musical (and sound) ideas for family oriented occasions and activities. More importantly, however, it suggests many unique ways of speaking with, and listening to our children to help promote their self-esteem, avoid unnecessary conflicts, and develop good social skills.”

“My favorite part? This is not just another book suggesting that parents use classical music for everything under the sun. Although classical music is surely covered, parents will delight to learn of the many ways that the music many of us grew up loving — pop, rock, jazz, country, soul…from 50’s rock through 90’s hip-hop — can be used in nurturing ways we never imagined! (and it costs less than a single CD!)” – Marie Jordan, mother and homemaker, Sarasota, Florida, April 2000

Five Stars –

You Cant Judge a book…

“The old saying, ‘you can’t a judge a book by the cover’ surely applies to this book. Why anyone would wrap this marvelous, inspiring book around such a dime-store cover is beyond me! From beginning to end this book is a parent’s delight. Rainy out? The good doctor’s book will give you plenty of ideas on how to keep the kids happy. Kids can’t get to sleep? Good doctor to the rescue with musical ways to get them to fall ‘sound’ asleep. Kids having problems with memorizing their lesson plan? Now, where is that book!?”

“I picked this little gem up just three week ago and we have already (a) made our own personal audio-graphs, (b) put together three ‘entrainment’ tapes (for exercise, studying, and sleeping), and (c) gone on two ‘sound hunts.’ Three kids and 10 years later we thought we were all out of ideas but, if fresh, fun ideas and good…sound advice is what you are looking for, this book’s got’em! Like I said before, ‘you can’t judge a book by the cover!” – Jen Kendall, Austin, Texas, March 2000

Five Stars –

Great Book!

“I am the mother of a new born and a 3-year old handicapped child. Dr. Ortiz’s new book has been a godsend for me. Not only has it helped my new born, it has worked miracles with my handicapped child. It is amazing how soothing music can calm the screaming child. The techniques in Dr. John’s book are easy to follow and fun to try. Dr. Ortiz has given me a wonderful gift, an appreciation of music.” – Sara Sweeney, Missouri, March 2000

Five Stars –

An excellent gift for caring parents and teachers!

“As a father, and University professor, this easy to follow book is a creative remedy for sore eyes. In a well-written and immaculately organized style, Dr. Ortiz tackles common day situations that all parents face at one time or another. In the introduction he gives all parents a handy reference section that explains the effects of sound and music throughout each stage of a child’s development, from conception through the age of twelve. He then explains a number of fun, time efficient ways through which all sorts of sounds can be used to help each child to develop positive skills in essential areas such as listening, communication, relationships and many others. This process is repeated throughout the book covering topics that will delight every parent, as well as teachers and anyone else who has a child’s best interest at heart. The areas he covers, such as relaxation for hyperactive children and raising self-esteem are great complements to the hundreds of exercises that all of us who invest in our children’s wellbeing and happiness will celebrate and appreciate.” – William R. Brooks, Ph.D., father and University Professor, March 2000

Five Stars –

A must read for parents and educators!

Nurturing Your Child with Music by John Ortiz fills what, to now, was a significant void in every parent’s and educator’s bookshelf. The topics he addresses; speech and language, listening and learning styles, relaxation and stimulation, restlessness at bed time, the development of confidence and a positive self-identity, and others are ones that all of us involved in raising or educating children struggle with throughout their crucial periods of development. His sensible approaches and unique ways of using both music and sound to help children conquer these life events are exemplary. Later in the book he shares a large number of witty exercises and techniques to get children involved in areas such as helping with household chores, building ‘sound’ relationships with their elders and peers, and using a wide spectrum of musical styles (classical as well as pop, jazz, new age, children’s, world beat, country & western and many others) for spicing up family time be it the home, the playroom, or the road. His list of resources, including family oriented music, books, parenting organizations, and even internet sites is the most comprehensive I’ve seen in any parenting book. I recommend this book very highly to both parents and educators.” – Donna Grace, mother and educator, Hawaii

Five Stars –

Help at last!

“As a parent of three, and elementary school teacher, this excellently written, superbly structured and practical book is a godsend for both parents and educators. The chapters are delicately crafted and stand on their own, making it very simple to chose from among the hundreds of ideas and exercises designed to help a child’s (from birth through age 12) development in a number of essential areas (self-esteem, listening, getting to sleep, reducing stress, dealing with loss, learning, etc, etc!) A MUST for every parent’s — and teacher’s — bookshelf!” – A reader from Dayton, Ohio, Parent and elementary school teacher, March 2000

Five Stars –