The Soothing Pulse

The Soothing Pulse

From John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Author, The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology

The Soothing Pulse

Multimodal relaxation Designed for busy:

 Parents * Educators * Mental Health Professionals * Physical Therapists

Students * Speech Therapists * Occupational Therapists * Nurses

Behavioral Specialists * Administrators * Social Workers

Effective for:

Relaxation * Yoga * Massage * Tai-Chi * Home Base * Meditation * Down Time

Stress Reduction * Reducing Hyperactivity * Sleep

 Rhythmic Pulsing for Speech & Reading * Biofeedback

 The Soothing Pulse is designed for adults and adolescents and consists of:

A continuous, pulsating beat designed to synchronize–or entrain–the left & right brain hemispheres.

Two interlacing drones. A bass drone (i.e., continuous, meditative sound) intended to ground us, and a light, melodic drone designed to quiet our thinking mind, helping to create a sense of peace and flow.

A rhythmic, guided entrainment script that escorts the listener through a progressively deepening state of relaxation. The tempo begins at an up-beat, lively pace then gradually descends to a tranquil, soothing cadence.

A series of thought stopping, meditative affirmations that emphasize restful breathing, flowing, and letting go.


Track One
Guided Relaxation with Soothing Pulse Music
(22 minutes)

Track Two
Soothing Pulse Music
(22 minutes)

Pulse Entrainment CD Series: Background
The Pulse Entrainment™ techniques used in these recordings are based on years of clinical research findings and sound collages. Pulse Entrainment™ is a procedure designed to synchronize, and then gradually slow down, our intrinsic pulses and rhythms leading to a state of natural mind-body relaxation. The progressive relaxation sequence introduced in these quieting exercises helps to accomplish this by using a combination of Applied Psychomusicology techniques, and a guided narration, designed to help us achieve a state of deep, restful meditation. In essence, these deep relaxation CDs combine a number of sounds and techniques (drones, brain lateralization, a hemispheric synchronization pulse, ocean sounds), with progressive relaxation scripts that escort the listener into deep relaxation or meditation with the help of a gently descending (84 to 54 beats per minute) tempo.

The Pulse Entraiment™ technique was developed throughout years of research and experimentation at Penn State University, clinical practice, and in natural settings. It has been found to be effective with a number of clinical populations—particularly persons with ADHD, Autism spectrum and related conditions (such as Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities and Sensory Integration Dysfunction), as well as general populations.

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