Turning Daydreams Into Dreams

Turning Daydreams Into Dreams:

A Bedtime Story

by John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

A Relaxation CD for children age 6 –12 from the author of

The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology, and Nurturing Your Child with Music

Soothing sound-tapestries help busy daydreams turn into restful dreams

In this exercise, a tapestry of peaceful sound textures, calming ocean waves, & a quieting, balancing pulse serve as backdrop to a serene voice that gently guides your child through a soothing, bedtime journey that helps to turn busy daydreams into peaceful dreams. Borrowing from standard, progressive relaxation & meditation techniques the narration uses positive, reassuring affirmations to encourage restful breathing, comfort, & letting go while promoting deep, tranquil sleep.

Turning Daydreams Into Dreams: A Bedtime Story

Turning Daydreams into Dreams: A Bedtime Story



Designed for children ages six through twelve, Turning Daydreams into Dreams : A Bedtime Story combines soothing soundscapes with a gentle voice that ushers children to a restful night’s sleep. Once the day is done, sleeping can be fun, when you turn your daydreams into dreams. The Soothing Pulsemusic for children used on Turning Daydreams into Dreams: A Bedtime Story is based on Dr. Ortiz’s technique of Pulse Entrainment and consists of:

Track One
Guided Daydreams to Dreams story with Soothing Pulse music for older children
(22 minutes)

Track Two
Soothing Pulse™ music for older children
(22 minutes)

Copies of Turning Daydreams into Dreams: A Bedtime Story are $15 each, plus $2.50 shipping & handling (Total: $17.50)

Pulse Entrainment CD Series: Background
The Pulse Entrainment™ techniques used in these recordings are based on years of clinical research findings and sound collages. Pulse Entrainment™ is a procedure designed to synchronize, and then gradually slow down, our intrinsic pulses and rhythms leading to a state of natural mind-body relaxation. The progressive relaxation sequence introduced in these quieting exercises helps to accomplish this by using a combination of Applied Psychomusicology techniques, and a guided narration, designed to help us achieve a state of deep, restful meditation. In essence, these deep relaxation CDs combine a number of sounds and techniques (drones, brain lateralization, a hemispheric synchronization pulse, ocean sounds), with progressive relaxation scripts that escort the listener into deep relaxation or meditation with the help of a gently descending (84 to 54 beats per minute) tempo.

The Pulse Entraiment™ technique was developed throughout years of research and experimentation at Penn State University, clinical practice, and in natural settings. It has been found to be effective with a number of clinical populations—particularly persons with ADHD, Autism spectrum and related conditions (such as Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities and Sensory Integration Dysfunction), as well as general populations.