It’s Sleepy Time

It’s Sleepy Time!


By: John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

A Relaxation CD for children age 2-6 from the author of

The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology, and Nurturing Your Child with Music

“Simply listen, as scenes of swirling sounds sway your child into soothing sleep!”

Tossing and turning after a day of playing and learning? This calming exercise guides your child through a soothing journey of how the body falls asleep, from toes to head! A gentle combination of musical pulses, ocean waves, and sleep-inducing sound textures help to gradually escort your child to a deep, restful sleep. The Pulse Entrainment™techniques used in this recording are based on years of clinical research findings and sound collages found effective for relaxing young children.

It's Sleepy Time!

It’s Sleepy Time!

Designed for children ages two through sixIt’s Sleepy Time! combines a layered tapestry of calming musical textures with a serene voice that gently lull your child into sleep, quickly and naturally. The Soothing Pulse™ music for children used on It’s Sleepy Timeis based on Dr. Ortiz’s technique of Pulse Entrainment™ and consists of:

Track One
Guided Sleepy Time! story
with Soothing Pulse™ music for young children
(22 minutes)

Track Two
Soothing Pulse™ music for young children
(22 minutes)

Copies of It’s Sleepy Time! are $15 each, plus $2.50 shipping & handling

(Total: $17.50)